Terence Roe


margot nies  " in her shoes" dance solo 2015
margot nies " in her shoes" 2015 . photo niko van der klugt

Over the years I have directed, co-directed, end-directed, created both structures and imagery, written texts and given direction advice, for many disparate international theatre and dance companies as well as workshop performances throughout Europe.
These include:

  • Crystal Theatre of the Saint . British Experimental Theatre Company
  • Ka Theatre . Dutch/International Mime Theatre
  • Shusaku Dormu Dance Theatre . Japanese/International Dance Theatre
  • Sara Wookey . American/International Dance Company
  • Lamaqul . International theatre
  • Barrenvoet . Dutch/International Mime / Location Theatre Company
  • Trajano and Ulhoa . Brazillian Dance Theatre
  • ipso facto . International Dance Theatre company
  • Kris Niklison . Argentinian Theatre Company (Under my direction her first solo ‘M/F’ won ‘Best Production’ at the International Theatre Festival, Cairo. Kris also won ‘Best Actress’)
  • Amsterdam School of the Arts / Mime (see clip ‘Driftland’ below)
"decoding dickinson" solo dance-theatre Margot Nies  .jpg
"decoding dickinson" solo dance-theatre Margot Nies


‘Driftland’ was performed on location on the island of Terschelling as part of the Oerol International Theatre Festival in 2003. It was performed by the multi talented 3rd year mime students of the Theater School Amsterdam under the Direction of Terence Roe. It was created by Terence Roe and Margot Nies.
Also performing were three professional actors/dancers/mimes: Margot Nies, Manette Meulenkamp and Roy Lavitt.

trailer driftland 2003

“the mad hatters tea party’

'the mad hatters tea party'  location theatre
'the mad hatters tea party' . location theatre . whitton house . 2013/14

‘painting white roses red’