Terence Roe

psychological blues

I’ve been feeling so ambivalent
About the situation
Seeing you from time to time
Or the harsh realisation
Of not seeing you at all

I’m a mess am I unstable?
Take a pill a therapist
Find that new direction
Make decisions make a list
I’m awake until the small hours
In a daze
For days
At the breakfasts empty table

And the sun advances
And the sun retreats
And the galleon Moon is
Sailing high above my street
And the same light shines upon you now
Asleep in your bed
With an anchor in your heart
With Prozac in your head

Psychological blues
The ghosts come out to haunt you
To taunt you and allude to these
Sigmund Freudian views
Memories forgotten a buried map of clues
Psychological blues
I know it’s fatalistic
But you never seem to lose these
Psychological blues
Who knows but maybe one day
I’ll be standing in your shoes

And the sun advances
And the sun retreats
And the scallion moon disfigured at my feet
And the cold light revealing you
Alone in your bed
Is there anger in your heart my darling?
As I tiptoe through your head

Love’s a mass of contradictions
Destructive in it’s kiss
We want so much we need so much
The passion the ecstasy
The sweet domestic bliss
It’s regressive only human
Love’s the teacher of all this
Love’s been the teacher of all this

And the sun floats upwards
And the sun slowly drowns
And the iris moon is glaring
Staring me down
And the harsh light is bleeding
All the colour from my skin
I’m a phantom of your darkness darling
Just a faint imagining