Terence Roe

ending of a world (reflections 9/11)

was this love’s face that we gleaned
forever blindness in her eye
compulsion ever in her sometime
suicidal aim
but how does blindness hit the mark?
for sure no harder in the dark
the same September sun
burning on
both tower and plane

now here’s the wound revealed
where lies the blame for it?
we are not free but fettered to the past
i’ve had no plan to call my own
the map is random that I trace
yet love is still the major route
down which I race

witness to the war-torn ones
to the fallen twins of commerce
to the less and to the more ones
another shattered promise
‘ending of a world’ it read
all intimacy bared
all the stars rewritten
each final moment shared

is this the world in all extremes?
is this the only thing it means
to live a life of baser human drives?
that power is sought and bought with blood
and leaves the powerless aflood
we are not dead but drowning
in our lives

techno-logic breakthroughs
swelling up our heads
most the mouths are open
eager to be fed
you can’t eat the soft-wear
you can’t scan the scheme
i can’t save this idea
fading from the screen

Virus in the belly
of that computer hack
propaganda is the weapon
finally shoots us in the back
hunger of a nation
revenge so sweet so old
the Eagles vindication
to swoop upon the vole