Terence Roe

c a s a n o v a 's - l a m e n t

Though I am a slave
Love was not sole master of my fate
Should it have me stay
Pulling me to heal
I’ld simply tug the faster
Slip the leash
Jump the gate

Run away little doggy run away

Now I am grown wiser
Melancholy comes to haunt me like a shade
Libraries and books make
Bitter substitues for
Lovers escapades
The promise of a maid
Or just a look
Just one look
Little doggy just one look

I believed in love
I conceded something greater than this little ‘ I ‘
Maybe it is God
Maybe higher magic
Maybe nothing but a philosophical ‘Why”

Man was born to hunger
Lives a creature yapping snapping at the moon
Like the moon we come and go
Relinquishing all joy and woe
To that eternal slumber
That ever comes to soon
It comes too soon
It ever comes too soon
Little doggy it ever comes too soon.